Albania calls for visa liberalisation this year

TIRANA, Albania

Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha said on Tuesday (July 28th) he is optimistic that the EU will evaluate Albania for visa liberalisation this year and “will open the doors for Albanians” soon. Visiting Brussels, Basha said the EU is focused on further enlargement. On Monday, local media reports suggested that the EU is postponing its evaluation of Albania’s application for candidate status due to the prolonged election process.

In other news, the opposition Socialist Party (SP) adopted a resolution Tuesday criticising the June 28th elections “as a missed opportunity to uphold international electoral standards”, and dismissing the official results as “unacceptable, due to fraud”. The ruling Democratic Party remains in power, after joining forces with the small left-wing coalition Socialist Movement for Integration. The SP says it will participate in the new parliament but plans to investigate what it calls “electoral crime”.

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