Bulgarian PM Targets Crime

resizer113Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov is pledging swift action to crack down on crime, The Sofia Echo reports.

In a move designed to assuage investor and European Commision, EC, concerns about endemic organised crime in Bulgaria, Borisov has signaled his determination to rid the country of serious criminality – a theme he has returned to repeatedly in campaigning and in recent addresses.

Borisov has said that the institutions charged with fighting organised crime and corruption should begin to function properly of he would be forced to “take matters in my own hands”, The Sofia Echo reports.

In a recent report, the EC noted that Bulgaria had achieved progress in judicial refforms and in the struggle against corruption and organised crime, but said the pace of reform was insufficient.

The report contained 21 recommendations and enjoined the Bulgarian government to take concrete steps to fight corruption and organised crime, The Sofia Echo reports.

Speaking to the Standart newspaper, Borisov said that he would like to see results in the next half year.

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