Armenian community of Georgia faces problem of education in native language

The Armenian Diaspora of Georgia faces considerable problems, said Stepan Petrosyan , RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora today to a question of a representative of the Armenian community of Georgia, at the opening ceremony of the 7-th annual All-Armenian Youth Conference in the Armenian resort town of Tsaghkadzor. 

According to deputy minister, learning of the native language by the Armenian Diaspora of Georgia became almost impossible since Georgia does not allow Armenia to send books to Armenians living in Georgia to learn in native language. In this regard, deputy minister also mentioned that the Armenian young people living in Georgia cannot attend Armenian schools, and are forced to study in Russian schools with Armenian classes.

Stepan Petrosyan informed that the ministry of Diaspora has already undertaken steps to improve the situation. The ministry has invited Armenian language teachers from Tbilisi to take part in Trainings.

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