RTK shows exclusive videos from three arrested Serbian spies


Kosovo radio and TV station (RTK) broadcasted exclusive videos of conversations of the three Serbian spies, arrested 2 months ago in Kosovo. On the videos, you can see how the three Serbian spies talk about buying false testimonies for trafficking of human organs from OVK representatives.

It is confirmed that they talk about large amounts of many involved for buying false testimonies and they say that the Serbian government is ready to pay up to 100 thousand euros.

Their answer on the question about who will give the money, they clearly said that Serbia will. Igor Jucinac- Kosovo citizen, Milutin Radonovic and Predrag Zeljkovic- Serbian citizens are the arrested spies.

The entire exclusive material can be seen on the RTK’s website after you click on the central news 19:30, „ Lajmet qeнdrore 19:30“.

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