Dialogue with Communists – yes, talks – excluded, AEI


Political leaders expressed satisfaction with the developments and optimism that they will manage to elect a new head of state and a new democratic government.

The political leaders of the Alliance for European Integration (AEI) continued the discussions on Thursday at the head office of the Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN). The discussions centered on the principles of forming the government and distributing the posts.

None of the political leaders revealed names and the concrete structure of the future Government, but all of them expressed satisfaction with the developments and optimism that they will manage to elect a new head of state and a new democratic government, without forming a coalition with the Communists. However, discussions with the members of the Communists Party (PCRM) will be held when the head of state returns from vacation.

“There is full agreement between us. We reached a consensus on the principles that will lay at the basis of the structure of the Parliament and the Government,” said the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) Vlad Filat.

Filat said that they discussed the distribution of the posts in the future Parliament and Government, but he cannot yet give names. “We are on the right way and are aware that somebody is to assume responsibility as head of state, of Parliament and of Government regardless of the difficult present situation,” Filat said.

The leader of the Liberal Party (PL) Mihai Ghimpu considers that the coalition is solid and constructive. He reiterated that the negotiations with the Communists about the election of the head of state are excluded, but there will be discussions so as to provide the promised stability in Moldova and to overcome the political and economic crisis.

“The Communists must accept the election results as we did in 2001 and 2005,” Gimpu said. “They said they are for stability and that they love their country. So, they should prove it. Giving them some of the posts will mean coalition, but this is impos sible. We cannot change things in Moldova together with the Communists.”

“We already achieved good results,” said the president of the Democratic Party (PD) Marian Lupu. “We focused on the structure of the parliamentary and governmental bodies, basing on the materials about the strategy for reforming the public administration provided by such international organizations as the IMF and WB. We hope that next week we will come to a final strategy.”

According to Lupu, the posts can be distributed only after adjusting the models for forming a functional government.

He also said that next week the democratic coalition will initiate a dialog on the election of the president with the PCRM. “The post of head of state is not a fatal idea for the PD,” Lupu said. “To ensure the functionality of the coalition and to overcome the crisis are the major objectives.”

“We are looking for solutions to overcome the crisis in Moldova. At the initial stage of the talks, the political leaders showed responsibility,” said the AMN president Serafim Urecheanu. “The ministries will be created in accordance with the main interests of the state and the people.”

Urecheanu is convinced that all the senior posts will be filled. “I don’t think that the Communists, most of whom are decent people, would like to play the role of kamikazes. They caused early elections on April 5 when President Voronin said that they will not hold discussions with the Opposition. New elections will be fatal for the Communists as they could disappear from the political arena. They are aware of this and will vote for the candidate for the head of state,” Urecheanu said.

The discussions between the political leaders of the four democratic parties will continue on Thursday and on Friday, after the meeting of the Constitutional Court.

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