Local elections in two Kosovo municipalities


The Serbian government has called early local elections for Sunday in two municipalities in Kosovo, reports said on Wednesday. Voters will cast their ballots for municipal authorities of Priština, which have been dislocated to Gračanica, and Peć, moved to Goraždevac.

Previously, the government dissolved municipal leadership citing irregularities sin their work.

Some 1,000 Serbs in the enclave of Goraždevac “expect new authorities to take more care of them and point to the government about their difficult position”.

Previously, Peć municipal government was run by the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS). Our reporters says that majority of people in Goraždevac were unhappy with their performance.

Parties that have headquarters in central Serbia have in the past couple of days campaigned in the area.

Yesterday, it was the Social-Democratic Party’s Nebojša Čović and Oliver Ivanović meeting with membership “and visiting several households”.

Six parties will run in Sunday’s elections: Serb Progressives (SNS), Socialists (SPS), DSS, Democrats (DS), Social-Democrats and Serb Radicals (SRS).

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