AEI leaders: We will discuss with PCRM before first parliamentary sitting


The leaders of the Alliance for European Integration (AEI) said they will initiate a dialogue with the PCRM before the first sitting of the new Parliament scheduled for August 28.

lad Filat, Mihai Ghimpu, Marian Lupu and Serafim Urecheanu today discussed the structure of the Parliament and of the Government at the AMN’s head office for about two hours.

“The first meeting with the PCRM will be probably held on Friday, when the Central Electoral Commission will hand over the permits of MP. We will possibly send them a written invitation,” said Vlad Filat, the leader of the PLDM.

The PD president Marian Lupu said that this dialogue is important for constituting the administrative bodies of Moldova and for overcoming the crisis. “We are now discussing when and how it will start. It will be an absolutely transparent, public dialogue that will be opened in the near future,” Lupu said.
“We do not hide anything. We only want to announce the final result. We want to be fair to the Moldovan people. We need time,” said the president of the PL Mihai Ghimpu.

“We will not resort to corruption to obtain the 8 necessary votes as the Communists did. We want to discuss with them in a civilized way so as to find the joint interests that will make the Moldovan political class work for the people and for European integration,” said the AMN leader Serafim Urecheanu.

Commenting on MP Vladimir Turcan’s statements that the head of state should be an apolitical person, Vlad Filat said that this decision will be taken only by the AEI and it will be a political decision.

“As the Constitution of Moldova envisions political posts at the three levels – the Parliament, the Government and the Presidency, and the parties that entered the Parliament came with objective tasks and platforms, the institutional part must ensure the infrastructure needed to promote these ideas,” Marian Lupu said, stressing that he shares his colleagues’ position that none of the three major posts in the state should be offered to the Communists.

“We had two independent presidents and this fight between the Parliament and the President existed anyway. It is important that the head of state is a person that understands what democracy is,” Mihai Ghimpu said, adding that the PCRM’s insistence is in fact a trap. “The Communists would say that they want to unblock the situation, but the Opposition wants to keep all the posts.”

The four leaders refused to say if they already decided how to distribute the three state posts.

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