Vladimir Voronin: Gagauz Autonomy – exclusive example of self-determination

The self-determination of the Gagauzes is an exclusive conflict-free example of self-determination in the contemporary European history, Moldovan acting President Vladimir Voronin considers.

According to the presidential press service, on Tuesday at the opening of the II World Congress of Gagauzes he recognized that there is a lot of private imperfections in the relations between Comrat and Chisinau and small everyday problems, but for all the years of the Gagauz autonomy’s existence the Gagauz problem has not appeared, despite the fact that the opponents secretly cherished such dream.

“On the contrary, there are not any artificial, false and situational moments in relations between Chisinau and Comrat. Any social, economic and cultural projects of today’s Gagauzia from planting of new vineyards to the construction of new roads and new University blocks are what we designate as a trivial word “work”. It is joint work! Without this work Moldova will not be such Moldova, which is equally loved in Comrat, Edinet and Chisinau”, Vladimir Voronin underlined.

In his words, Moldova is currently on the crossroad: it can again be thrown back to the beginning of the 1990s with their conflicts between nations and total professional and institutional incompetence or to continue the creation way, which withdrew Moldova from oblivion and turned it into a country of dynamic transformations, which proceeds actively along the European integration way and preserving partnership with Russia.

Alongside with this, Vladimir Voronin reassured that there will not be return to economic reaction, to the policy of contending clans, to the policy of crises and cynical experiments.

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