Dorin Chirtoaca not leaving the mayoralty


The vice president of the Liberal Party (PL) Dorin Chirtoaca, who headed the party’s list of candidates, will refuse the MP seat and will remain mayor of Chisinau.

Chirtoaca made the announcement at a news conference on Wednesday.

In actual fact, Dorin Chirtoaca made public his decision at the start of the first electoral campaign this year. He is the parliamentarian that renounced the seat of MP two times in a row. In both of the campaigns he headed the PL’s list of candidates.

The vice president of the PL said that he does not regret his decision because he wants to fulfill the promises made to the residents of the municipality of Chisinau in the 2007 local elections, when he was elected as mayor.

The mayor said yet he will take the MP permit that will be issued by the Central Election Commission on August 21 for his collection. Chirtoaca’s seat will be taken by Ion Ciobanu, who was t he sixteenth in the electoral list of the PL.

The tenure of Dorin Chirtoaca as mayor general of Chisinau expires in 2011, when there will be held local elections.

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