Kosovo Adamant in Opposition to Policing Protocol


The EU rule of law mission, EULEX, cannot and will not sign any agreement in the name of Kosovo, EULEX head Yves De Kermabon said on Thursday.

Kermabon was speaking after a meeting with Kosovo’s President Fatmir Sejdiu and Prime Minister Hashim Thaci.

“EULEX, as a technical rule of law mission, can only sign protocols on behalf of EULEX, and on issues related to the rule of law,” he clarified.

Kermabon requested the meeting with the Kosovo leaders, in which EULEX-Serbian negotiations on the police protocol were discussed. The talks have been rejected by the Kosovo government.

“It is normal to have different views among friends. The best way is to seek common grounds. […] We will inform you of any decisions we take,” said Kermabon, at a press conference with Thaci.

Sejdiu and Thaci said that Kosovo will continue to cooperate in the future with EULEX and the International Civilian Office.

But they said they underlined their opposition to the policing protocol negotiations in the meeting.

Sejdiu said: “Our stance is clear. We want to be involved in regional cooperation only if that cooperation is not against Kosovo’s integrity and sovereignty […] Only Pristina will take decisions for Kosovo.”

The protocol of cooperation between EULEX and Serbia covers security issues such as organised crime, smuggling, and the trafficking of human beings, drugs and weapons.

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