Turkey to win if Bulgaria leaves energy projects: former PM

SOFIA, Bulgaria

I have not understood new government’s position on energy projects, said former Prime Minister (PM) Sergey Stanishev in the Parliament, FOCUS News Agency reporter informed.

“I read carefully statements of different ministers-they contradict. Thus we asked for clear government’s position on all key energy projects for Bulgaria. The signals are very contradicting,” Stanishev said.

In his words financial minister Simeon Dyankov said all joint projects with Russia would not be priority of the new government. He said people who work against realization of the commented international projects through Bulgaria have worked for foreign interests.

Stanishev pointed the country that would make benefits from the situation-Turkey.

“If the energy projects fail Bulgaria’s loosed would amount to billions. The investment only in the Burgas–Alexandroupoli pipeline is EUR 700 mln. The situation with the South Stream pipeline is the same, not to speak of Belene Nuclear Power plant, Stanishev said.

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