EULEX chief meets with K. Albanian leaders


EULEX chief Yves de Kermabon says a protocol between the EU mission and Serbia’s MUP is not related to the so-called six point plan.

He met in Priština yesterday with the Kosovo Albanian leaders, President Fatmir Sejdiu and PM Hashim Thaci, to discuss the signing of the police cooperation protocol.

After the meeting, different points of view on this issue emerged.

Kermabon said that this was the first meeting and that they would continue, despite conflicting positions, with the goal of achieving Priština’s consent.

“EULEX cannot and will not sign any protocol agreement on behalf of Kosovo. This protocol will help fight crime and smuggling and is related to cooperation between EULEX and the Serb police,” he was quoted as saying.

Sejdiu said that “Kosovo would continue cooperating with EULEX, but that it will not support the legitimacy of Serbia’s parallel structures acting is some parts of Kosovo”.

“We absolutely do not think that there can be an idea for someone to sustain parallel structures that are realistically to the detriment of the Serb community, since it is being held as hostage in the processes that we already passed. But we will offer those citizens as well the best possible offer for the process of integration so that we move toward a better future together,” said he.

Thaci stated that “Kosovo cannot allow Belgrade to influence Kosovo”, and by means of using “certain mechanisms”. He said that “agreements of the kind”, cannot be signed “without agreement from Kosovo institutions”.

“In no case will Belgrade be given space or authority in the territory of the republic of Kosovo, via mechanisms whether domestic or international. The decisions for Priština are made by institutions of the republic of Kosovo,” he was quoted as saying.

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