AEI leaders say they are ready for dialogue with PCRM


The leaders of the Alliance for European Integration (AEI) had a meeting on Monday evening and discussed the principles of the dialogue with the Communist Party (PCRM) scheduled for August 25. But this dialogue may not take place.

“We agreed on the procedure that we will follow at the meeting with the PCRM,” the president of the Liberal Democratic Party Vlad Filat said, reiterating the determinedness of the Alliance’s members not to take part in the dialogue separately.

Marian Lupu, the leader of the Democratic Party, also said that the AEI will not discuss with the PCRM separately. “I hope that tomorrow’s meeting will not be defied as it is an act assumed by the entire political class. Such discussions are necessary for identifying the solution to the political crisis,” Lupu said. According to him, if the PCRM refuses to take part in the dialogue, it will be responsible for the unrelenting political crisis. He voiced hope that the PCRM will show political maturity and will accept the invitation.

The president of the Liberal Party Mihai Ghimpu said that most probably the PCRM will not participate in the dialogue and that this party is to blame for the economic and political crisis in Moldova.

Serafim Urecheanu, the leader of the Moldova Noastra Alliance, accused the PCRM of boycotting the political dialogue after the April 5 elections and of provoking early elections despite requests from the West.

Last week, the Alliance for European Integration formed by the four noncommunist parties invited the PCRM to a dialogue set to take place on Tuesday. The Communist rejected the invitation. After Saturday’s plenary meeting, the PCRM announced it would not discuss with the AEI, but with parties separately.

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