PCRM might vote for Marian Lupu if he is proposed for head of state by wide left-wing coalition


The Communists Party formulated its offer for the formation of a left-wing coalition and the principles according to which they could vote for a head of state at a closed-door meeting on Monday.

The Communists decided they will vote for the PLDM Marian Lupu if he is fielded for the post of head of state by a wide left-wing coalition, not by the democratic coalition “Alliance for European Integration (AEI).”

“Even if the Pope of Rome asks us, we will not accept him as a candidate of the minor Liberal parties in the Parliament,” the Communists said, suggesting they will under no circumstances accept the West s requests to support Lupu.

The left-wing coalition is supposed to include the PCRM and the PDM and left-wing parties that are outside the Parliament. “Lupu will thus be a cvasinational candidate and could become president.”

Aft erward, the posts in the Government would be distributed by talks, but the Communists are ready to offer the PDM more positions than they could obtain as part of the Liberal-Democratic coalition,” Newsin said, quoted by Info-Prim Neo.

The idea of a left-wing coalition was made known at the PCRM’s plenary meeting on August 22. The Communist MPs denied the existence of the AEI as coalition capable of taking Moldova out of the political crisis. The party s leader Vladimir Voronin said that the AEI members stick together because the Western countries promised them quick financial assistance. The PLDM, PL, PDM and AMN have together 53 of the 101 seats of MP. They invited the PCRM to a dialogue set to take place on Tuesday, starting at 11.00.

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