Thaci meets with Feith and Kermabon


Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci on Monday met with international civilian representative Pieter Feith and EULEX Chief Yves de Kermabon.

“There was discussion at the meeting regarding current political affairs in Kosovo, especially the decentralization process, the coming elections [November 15] and the implementation of the rule of law in northern Kosovo,” a statement from his cabinet read.

It adds that “Thaci stressed the efforts of the Kosovo government to increase cooperation with the international civilian mission in Kosovo in order to help in the development of Kosovo and its European perspective”.

Feith and Kermabon stated that they would be working to increase cooperation with the government regarding all questions that are of interest to the citizens of Kosovo, according to the Priština government.

Its statement however, did not say whether there was any discussion of the announced protocol between the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) and EULEX for police cooperation, which the Kosovo Albanian institutions oppose.

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuqi reminded on Monday that “the Kosovo institutions will not compromise on anything that would endanger the country’s sovereignty”.

After meeting with Thaci and Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu last week, Kermabon said that there would be a “continuation of meetings with the Kosovo institutions”.

Albanian language media in Priština stated that these “consultations” will be held behind closed doors and that Kermabon will try to “convince the Kosovo institutions” that the protocol with Belgrade is necessary.

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