Macedonia: Parallelism in Blerim Reka and Dejan Gjorsovski activities in Brussels


Macedonian ambassador to Brussels, Blerim Reka, is not satisfied with the decision for Dejan Gjorsovski to be appointed special representative to the EU headquarters, Macedonian A1 television reports, citing diplomatic sources.

Ambassador Reka, however, has been assured that Gjorsovski’s arrival will not put his post at risk. According to media’s sources, Gjorsovski will only secure some logistics for Reka. 

Reka and Gjorsovski have been instructed that they will have to work together on the detailed presentation of what Macedonia has accomplished over the past time before the European functionaries.

Sources from the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), which Blerim takes part in, remark that Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has been alarmed that such a move could lead to parallelism between the activities of Blerim Reka and Dejan Gjorsovski

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