Minorities rights will be protected


Moldova’s new authorities shall continue the current policy of ensuring and protecting the rights of national minorities in Moldova, reads the Parliament’s special address to minorities adopted by parliament on Wednesday.

The document text was read out by MP Alexander Stoyanoglo of the Democratic Party.

The document said that speculations can be heard lately concerning how the new authorities will be treating ethnic minorities, and that “we all, regardless of our ethnicities, are paid equally miserable salaries, we all have same grievances and joys, and we all have same objectives to achieve”.

The deputies called upon minorities to participate equally with the rest of the Moldovan society in the building of a free, democratic state in Moldova.

The document authors claimed that the Law on the Functioning of Languages in Moldova is duly observed, and assured the minorities that everything shall be done in this republic to preserve and develop its cultural diversity.

The 101-member forum’s largest Communist Party faction of 48 did not attend the plenary sitting today. The Communists stated yet last Friday they would show up on September 4 at the earliest, for they stated they needed time to officially form their parliamentary faction.

The MCP leadership devoted this Wednesday to a large meeting with the heads of party’s regional subdivisions. The assembly has gathered at the Palace of Railroaders, a magnificent edifice built yet in the soviet times by the national railroad company for the cultural needs of its workers, and is working behind tightly shut doors.

According to unofficial information, the MCP functionaries are debating the stance and line of conduct of the parliament’s largest faction, which, however, has found itself in minority – for the first time since 2001.

On Tuesday, the Communist Party lodged an appeal with the Constitutional Court, demanding to recognize the Parliament’s decisions of August 28 as unlawful. The Communists are claiming the majority had not given them time enough to form a parliamentary faction: according to the parliamentary Rules of Procedure, a faction may be given up to 10 days for such work.

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