Speaker Mihai Ghimpu should act as President – Nagacevschi


Vitalie Nagacevschi, a prominent Moldovan lawyer elected to parliament on the Liberal Democratic Party’s ticket, presumes new parliament chairman Mihai Ghimpu should assume the performing of presidential duties until a new head of state is elected.

Nagacevschi stated to the press today, “Vladimir Voronin is trying to find a decision that would let him remain in power, but there may exist no such decision at the moment”.

“Incumbent President Voronin, who dreams of remaining at the post in the future, is in fact no acting president because his term of office expired yet on May 22, since when he has been in a situation of incompatibility. According to the Law on the Status of a Deputy, if a deputy is in a state of incompatibility but would not tender resignation from a post that is incompatible with his mandate of a deputy, then this function is suspended. Since May 22, Voronin may not be considered as president, but he acted as president only because he was chairman of parliament. Now that another chairman has been elected [Mihai Ghimpu, on August 28], Vladimir Voronin must cease performing presidential duties”, stated lawyer Nagacevschi.

“This simple, obvious truth was admitted also by Communist parliamentarian Vladimir Turcan in a television program. I guess there is no need persuading Voronin to cease acting as a head of state. Simply, we should pass a Resolution, issue corresponding decrees, and use them. If Voronin starts resisting, then a legal action should be initiated against him on charges of his usurping the state power in the republic. This is a very grave crime”, said the lawyer.

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