“No use reporting on fruitless police raids”


Rasim Ljajić reacted today to reports in some Belgrade media that the Serbian police (MUP) recently carried out an operation in Novi Sad to arrest Ratko Mladić.

The head of the Council for Cooperation with the Hague Tribinal said that “there is no use reporting on fruitless operations”.

“We are trying to stop the practice of giving information about each and every operation, no matter how unsuccessful it may be,” said Ljajić.

Ljajić, who is also a cabinet minister, underlined that in the future he would not be presenting any details about Mladić’s whereabouts or attempts to arrest him, and added that the public would be informed only once the suspect had been arrested.

According to the Sunday edition of the Belgrade tabloid Press, in late August, “Serbia’s security services with over 50 police officers searched the region of Novi Sad in hunt for Mladić, following the information that this Hague fugitive was hiding on the territory of Vojvodina and that he was running from one house to the other”.

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