Bulgaria’s equal participation in Nabucco needs to be secured, President Parvanov says


We need succession in the energy strategy and policy of Bulgaria, , reads an article by President Georgi Parvanov titled “Energy Strategy and Policy Needs Pragmatism and Leadership”.

Bulgaria should confirm its will for participation in the big energy projects for natural gas transit. Both Nabucco and South Stream are necessary for the European energy security and respond to our national interest. It is important that Bulgaria strengthens its position in future as a main transit country for gas supplies along the southern European direction.

Policy that is not well-considered and well-grounded could lead to the real possibility for the projects to go round Bulgaria (as it already happened with the Blue Stream project).
The new Bulgarian government already confirmed its unconditional support for the two projects. This is good as an expression of political will, but feeling remains that the main problems have not been understood and no work is being done for overcoming thyem.

We need to secure our equal participation in Nabucco – not to allow restriction of our share and to solve the problem with the financing for securing Bulgaria’s participation in the project, the President writes in his article.

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