Another delay of Burgas-Alexandoupolis expected


Greek socialist leader George Papandreou attacked the ruling cabinet over the three-way intergovernmental agreement for the construction of the Burgas-Alexandoupolis oil pipeline.

According to Papandreou, the agreement services only the interests of the Russian part and made it clear that it is possible to renegotiate the contract conditions if PASOK assumes power after the upcoming early elections in Greece. 

Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis accused Papandreou of casting a shadow over the Greek-Russian relations with his statements.

Papandreou, on the other hand, declared that he will guarantee the ecological parameters on the land and in the water and that every agreement PASOK is to make will be realized only after consultations and dialog with the local authorities. He assured that Greece will guarantee its interests both in the construction and functioning of the pipeline.

Analysts commented that Papandreou’s approach towards the ecological parameters of the project and the price of pipeline’s construction are a signal for further delay in project’s realization, reminding the Greek government has not ratified the environment and construction agreement yet.

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