Future Cabinet members can hold several nationalities


The members of the new Government will be allowed to hold multiple nationalities, not only Moldovan. This is said in a bill with amendments to the Law on the Government, which was passed by a majority vote on Thursday.

The given decision aroused the dissatisfaction of the parliamentary group of the Communists Party (PCRM). They Communist MPs said that the members of the Government must hold exclusively Moldovan nationality.

Liberal-Democratic MP Alexandru Tanase said that any modification concerning nationality takes into account the history and ethnic composition of the country.

Dorin Chirtoaca, a member of the parliamentary group of the Liberal Party, said that the decision is a step forward as most of the European countries allow multiple nationalities.

In 2003, the Parliament adopted a decision, allowing the Moldovans to hold multiple nationalities. In 2007, such state functionaries as parl iamentarians, ministers, judges, policemen, customs officers and others were banned from holding the nationality of other states by a decision adopted by the Communist and Christian-Democratic MPs.

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