EULEX wants access to KPS files


EULEX wants to reach an agreement with the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) giving the mission access to all police information, writes Priština daily Koha Ditore.

“EULEX wants to establish a permanent system that would allow it to make non-stop, ad hoc requests for access to the Kosovo police’s information,” said one of the paper’s sources.

The head of the KPS’s public relations department, Baki Kelani, confirmed that such a request had arrived and that EULEX had called for a memorandum of understanding earlier.

“That request has been submitted and received by the police chief’s bureau. The KPS’s legal department is now considering it,” said Kelani.

The daily states that, under such an agreement, the KPS would have to furnish EULEX with police information that the EU mission would then be able to share with third parties, including the Serbian Interior Ministry.

European officials have confirmed the news, adding that they would not be divulging any information without Priština’s prior consent.

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