Prosecution to appeal Suva Reka verdicts


The War Crimes Prosecution has lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court over the verdicts in the 1999 Suva Reka war crimes case.

The Supreme Court has been called on to quash the War Crimes Chamber’s decision to acquit Radoslav Mitrović, Nenad Jovanović and Zoran Petković, and to retry the case against the three accused.

The prosecution also wants longer sentences handed down to Milorad Nišavić and Miroslav Petković.

Radojko Repanović and Slađan Čukarić were found guilty of war crimes on April 23, 2009 and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment each, Petković received 15 years, and Nišavić to 13.

Mitrović, Jovanović and Petković were acquitted, while the case against Ramiz Papić was dropped.

The trial began on October 3, 2006. Over 100 witnesses gave testimony during the trial, which lasted 97 days, says a statement from the prosecution.

48 Albanian civilians lost their lives in the massacre perpetrated by Serbian police forces in March 1999.

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