MPs pass decision on resignation of Greceanyi Government II


The members of the Alliance for European Integration agreed a decision on the resignation of the Greceanyi Government II after criticizing it for its work.

Acting Prime Minister Vitalie Parlog did not come to the Parliament to present a report on the executive’s work. The Government’s representative to the Parliament Nicolae Esanu came to the rostrum instead of him, but Speaker Mihai Ghimpu did not allow him to speak.

“It is defiance of the Parliament and the people, even of the Constitution,” Mihai Ghimpu said.

Vladimir Turcan, MP on behalf of the Communists Party (PCRM), said that the Parliament should only take cognizance of the Government’s resignation and make no decision.

But the Liberal-Democratic MP Mihai Godea said that they should give a political assessment of the former Government’s refusal to offer its resignation in the Parliament. While Godea leveled criticism at the for mer executive, the members of the parliamentary group of the PCRM rattled with the hands and feet.

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