Moscow cracks down on Greece about Burgas – Alexandroupolis gas pipeline


Russian diplomacy is worried about involving Burgas – Alexandroupolis gas pipeline project in the electioneering in Greece. Last week leader of the Greek socialists Georgios Popandreu stated that if PASOK come to power in Greece it will reconsider the agreement on the gas pipeline, because it serves to Russian interest only. Russia, however, displayed its readiness to suspend the project in order of reconsidering of intergovernmental agreements.

Spokesman of Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Nesterenko underscored that Moscow had paid attention to Popandreu’s statements and it counts on the fact that Greece realizes the political and economy significance of the project that aims at energy security in Europe, extend Russian – EU co-operation and to help Greece in turning of major transport junction of hydrocarbon deliveries in Europe.

Nesterenko pointed out the European importance of projects like Burgas – Alexandroupolis and South Stream hinting Moscow’s intention to trigger Euro-Russian problem in case of yielding on behalf of Bulgaria and Greece from its commitments, the newspaper reads further.

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