Nato chief reaches out to Russia


Nato’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has called for a new strategic partnership with Russia.

In his first major foreign policy address as Nato chief, Mr Rasmussen called for a “joint review” with Moscow of global security challenges.

He was speaking in Brussels the day after the US announced it was shelving plans for controversial missile defence bases in Poland and the Czech Republic.
The former Danish prime minister took over as Nato’s head in August.

“I would like Russia and Nato to agree to carry out a joint review of the new 21st Century security challenges, to serve as a firm basis for our future co-operation,” said Mr Rasmussen.

“We should explore the potential for linking the US, Nato and Russia missile defence systems at an appropriate time.”

He added that there should be more co-operation over policy on Afghanistan, which was important for both Nato and Russia. He said that tackling the proliferation of ballistic missile technology was in the fundamental strategic interests of both Nato and Russia.

He called on Moscow for a “genuine new beginning in our relationship, in our own interests and that of the entire international community”.

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