Romanian PM threatens to sack education minister unless she pulls school management order


Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc said Friday he asked Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu to cancel the order she passed recently entitling her to replace and appoint school principals, and said he would dismiss her if the act is applied.

Boc said he spoke to the education minister on the phone and asked her to cancel the order and added Andronescu assured him the act would not be applied.
Boc said the order, which leaves school management appointments up to the ministry instead of local school inspectorates, is completely opposite to the principles agreed on and promoted in the law on education, for which the government asked the Parliament’s vote of confidence.

On Thursday, the prime minister avoided a straight answer when asked whether he would dismiss Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu over the order she passed.
“Reshuffles are done, not discussed beforehand,” Boc answered when reporters questioned him on his plans with the education minister, adding the activity of each minister is evaluated by the government.

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