Macedonia does not block negotiations with Greece, foreign minister says


Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki commented on the talks with Greece and remarked that Macedonia has a constructive approach and expressing country’s position on the issue will not hamper the work of name dispute mediator Matthew Nimetz.

Asked whether the double formula is topical again, especially after President Gjorge Ivanov’s statement in Germany, Milosiski said that the productivity of the mediation will not be questioned and in his words in the end of the month he is to meet with Nimetz at the UN General Assembly and will introduce Macedonia’s position on the issue. Despite that Milososki did not confirm whether the focus will be put on the double formula, he finds that over the last 15 years Macedonia has more or less made a constructive contribution to problem’s solution.

The article also includes Milososki’s position on the name dispute with Greece, Greece’s possible veto on Macedonia’s EU accession, and the financial report of the Foreign Ministry for 2008 and the irregularities ascertained in the document.

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