Edward Abrahamyan: Armenian authorities have forgotten about northern Lori


Northern Lori, i.e. the southern part of Georgian Kvemo Kartli region, which is partially populated with Armenians is forgotten not only by Armenian society but also authorities, Edward Abrahamyan, expert at Mitk analytical centre said. 

According to him, certain top leaders and politicians in Armenia often wave away the problems of those villages (Chanakhcho, Akhkerpi, Khojorni, Opret, Gyulbag, Brdadzor), announcing that they have no future because of their frontier location and Azerbaijani factor.

“That’s because Armenians are not considered ethnic factors here and cannot resist Azerbaijani aggression. Besides, considering that population in those villages is very passive in terms of demanding right to free movement and maintenance of contacts with Armenia, RA top-class politicians do not raise a question on integrating them to Armenia and ensuring their economic and ethno-demographic strengthening,” expert noted.

Besides he added that “Border demarcation will cause population decrease in those regions. That’s first of all advantageous to Georgia which will provide final solution to the problem, as well as certain Armenian circles which will start elaborating projects on populating emigrants from Marneul region in NKR regions of Kashatagh and Shahumyan.

However, population’s demands on making those regions Armenian territories might provide solution to their current and future problems, as it did in the 1920s. It should be noted that the region has 10 villages, fully or partially populated with Armenians. They are economically and ethnically integrated with one another, and such key factor should be taken into consideration.

Another solution, which is less effective, may by Armenian and Georgian authorities’ demand for suspending border demarcation activities and returning the situation of 1990s when Armenia and Georgia had no de facto borderline in Lori region,” Abrahamyan stressed.

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