Ruling coalition makes public list of canidates for cabinet


On Wednesday, several websites, close to the ruling Alliance for European Integration, published what they called ‘a tentative list’ of candidates for ministerial posts in the new Moldovan Government the AEI is forming.

As the Alliance had warned yet shortly after the July 29 parliamentary elections, the list has reserved no room for the Communists in the Government, though they have won 48 mandates in the 101-member Parliament of Moldova, so now the entire burden of responsibility for the country’s development will be on the AEI’s four constituent parties.

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, whose Chairman Vlad Filat is going to become Moldova’s Prime Minister upcoming Friday, has received the following 5 ministerial portfolios in the new Government: the Ministry of Finance (candidate – economist Veaceslav Negruta); Ministry of Justice (candidate – lawyer Alexandru Tanase, LDPM Deputy Chairman); Ministry of the Interior (candidate – retired police major general Victor Catan, ex-minister in 1996-1998); Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (candidate – ambassador Iurie Leanca, former First Deputy Minister in 1999-2001); and Ministry of Health (candidate – professor Vladimir Hotineanu, Dr. Med.).

The Liberal Party shall receive the following 4 ministries: The Ministry of Defense (candidate – Vitalie Marinuta); Ministry of Youth and Sports (candidate – Ion Ciobanu); Ministry of Environment (candidate – Valeriu Munteanu); Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure (candidate – Anatol Salaru).

The Democratic Party will have its people in 4 ministries, too, namely the Ministry of Economy, whose head has the rank of a Deputy Prime Minister (candidate – Valeriu Lazar); Ministry of Construction and Regional Development (candidate – Marcel Raducanu); Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family (candidate – Valentina Buliga); Ministry of Culture (candidate – film producer Boris Focsa).

The Moldova Noastra Alliance will have its ministers in 3 ministries: the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (candidate – Valeriu Cosarciuc, MNA Deputy Chairman); Ministry of Education (candidate – Leonid Bujor); Ministry of Information Technologies and Telecommunications (candidate – Alexandru Oleinic).

One of Deputy Prime Ministers will be in charge of the Transnistrian conflict settlement (candidate – Victor Osipov).

Candidate for premiership Vlad Filat stated to the press that the ruling alliance has 3-4 candidates for each ministerial post, and debates on the candidatures will continue until Friday, when the Government composition will be considered in parliament. On that day, Vlad Filat will present to the legislative forum a final list of ministers and his Cabinet’s work program. After the parliamentary majority takes a vote of confidence in the Government, it will be sworn in, and will embark on regular work.

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