Trial of Gnjilane Group continues

The trial of the members of the so-called Gnjilane Group of the KLA has resumed at the District Court War Crimes Chamber in Belgrade.

The accused are charged with torture and execution of civilians in Kosovo in 1999.

Defendant Agus Memisi, who yesterday began his defense by denying all the charges, will take the witness stand today.

According to the indictment, between June and late December 1999, members of the Gnjilane Group brutally executed at least 80 civilians, physically abused at least 153 people, while 34 people are still listed as missing.

17 members of the group, including eight who are still on the run and being tried in absentia, are accused of imprisonment, looting, torture, abuse, rape and murder of civilians.

The accused that are still on the run are Fazlia Ajdari, Redxhep Aliji, Saqir Saqiri, Sefket Musliji, Sadik Aliji, Idriz Aliji, Semsija Nuhiju and Ramadan Halimi.

The other defendants—Agus Memisi, Faton Hajdari, Ahmet Hasani, Nazif Hasani, Samet Hajdari, Ferat Hajdari, Kamber Sahiti, Selimon Sadiku and Burim Fazliju—were arrested on December 26 in Preševo, and have since been in custody in Belgrade. The trial resumes at 14:30 CET at the Special Court.

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