Hague prosecutor to visit Serbia in October

Hague Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz is expected to visit Serbia in October, according to the President of Serbia’s Hague Cooperation Council Rasim Ljajić.

The actions geared towards arrested the remaining Hague fugitives Goran Hadžić and Ratko Mladić are ingoing daily, Ljajić said, adding that Serbia is paying the most for Mladić not being arrested yet, not Holland or the Tribunal.

He said that catching the remaining fugitives is in Serbia’s best interest, and added that the state is working on this intensively, even though there is no information on these efforts available to the public.

“We are in contact with officials of the international community and Hague Tribunal. We expect that Brammertz will visit Belgrade in October, and that will be a chance to talk about everything, to do everything we can in cooperation because Serbia, at this moment, has great interest in finishing this as soon as possible, because we are the only ones suffering damage from the fact that Mladić remains free,” Ljajić said.

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