Kosovo Serbs Establish Political Forum

The Kosovo and Metohija Political Forum has been established in the town of Gracanica, ahead of Kosovo’s forthcoming local elections, to represent local Serbs.

Broadcaster B92 reports that the forum was created at the initiative of 50 Gracanica residents, and neighbouring villages, in order to unite Kosovo Serbs. The leader of the now defunct Serbian Resistance Movement, Momcilo Trajkovic, has been elected as its chairperson.

In an interview with the broadcaster, Trajkovic said that Kosovo Serbs are facing a political and economic crisis, stressing that they need to be organised in order to respond appropriately

Kosovo is to hold local elections on November 15, including in five electorates in which ethnic Serbs form a majority. The campaign officially starts on October 15.

According to Trajkovic, the new body could also help the authorities in Belgrade to establish policy positions that will help maintain Serbia’s sovereignty in Kosovo.

Earlier, he predicted that the upcoming elections will lead to the formation of local governments with a Serbian majority and to the greater empowerment of local authorities.

During his recent visit to two villages in the Leposavic municipality, Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu called on Serbs to participate in the local elections.

“Serb participation would contribute to a better future for the republic,” Sejdiu said.

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