NGO to release victim census for Kosovo

The Humanitarian Law Center will present to victims’ families the results of their census of dead and missing persons in Kosovo from January 1998 to Dec. 2000.

According to the center, 13,321 individuals were killed, wounded or went missing during the armed conflicts in Kosovo in the period from January 1998, during the NATO bombing of 1999, and after the arrival of the international mission until December 2000.

The presentation of the lists of Serb, Roma, Bosniak and other non-Albanian victims in the Kosovo conflicts will be opened by Belgrade Deputy Mayor Radmila Hrustanović, according to the non-governmental organization.

The NGO’s executive director, Nataša Kandić, will be speaking about the results along with team leader for this project, Sandra Odalović.

Family members of the victims will have a chance to check the accuracy and validity of the data in the center’s database.

The fate of 1,886 people is still unknown, according to the government’s Missing Persons Commission, including 537 Serbs and other non-Albanians, as well as a small number of Kosovo Albanians who were killed because they were loyal citizens of Serbia.

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