Mufti: Religious rights threatened

Chief mufti of the Islamic Community in Serbia, Muamer Zukorlić, has told EP Rapporteur Jelko Kacin that the rights of Serbian Muslims are in danger.

Zukorlić met with Kacin in Slovenia to gave him a detailed report on the state of religious rights in Serbia, especially the “unlawful behavior of the Religion Ministry towards Islam, the Islamic community and Muslims,” and the “jeopardizing of Islamic teaching in schools in Sandžak.”

According to a statement signed by Islamic Community spokesman Sead Šaćirović, teaching of religion education in Sandžak schools “is endangered by head teachers and officials from the Education and Religion Ministries.”

Kacin, who is serving his second term as the European Parliament’s rapporteur to Serbia, was also interested in relations between the Serbian government and the International University in Novi Pazar, founded by Zukorlić in 2006.

There is also a State University in Novi Pazar, which was also founded in 2006.

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