Vote to elect head of state could take place on October 23 or 26

Communist MP Grigore Petrenko said that the PCRM is preparing for early elections and will not support the Alliance’s candidate for head of state.

The members of the Parliament’s Standing Bureau Monday voted for the inclusion of the decision on the creation of the special parliamentary commission for the election of the President of Moldova in the agenda of the October 7 sitting. They also agreed that the vote to elect the head of state will be held on October 23 or 26.

After the meeting of the Standing Bureau, the leader of the Democratic Party Marian Lupu said that on October 7 they will also discuss the candidate proposed by the Head of Parliament Mihai Ghimpu for the post of Prosecutor General. He refused to name the candidate, saying this is the prerogative of the Speaker. The candidate for the post of National Bank governor is to be examined at one of the next sittings of the Parliament.

Asked if the members of the Alliance for European Integration managed to convince Communist MPs to vote for the Alliance’s candidate for President, Lupu said that this is not haggling: “Do you think I should go to the market and purchase votes? I think the issue is more complex and responsible. This is not about Marian Lupu’s obligation to go and gather votes. It is a matter of responsibility for the entire coalition.”

Lupu said that he is in favor of dialogue with the Communist MPs, stressing that this dialogue so far has not lived up to his expectations. “We have many issues to discuss in continuation. I mean the internal and foreign policy priorities and the path that the country should follow,” the PDM leader said.

For his part, Communist MP Grigore Petrenko said that the PCRM is preparing for early elections and will not support the Alliance’s candidate for head of state.

In another connection, he said that the representatives of the PCRM proposed including the dismissal of Mihai Ghimpu from the post of Head of Parliament in the agenda of the next sitting, but the other members of the Standing Bureau rejected the proposal. According to him, another proposal by the Communist MPs rejected by the members of the Alliance was to make the sittings of the Standing Bureau open for the press.

Speaking about the new authorities’ intention to reintroduce the History of Romanians in schools, Petrenco said that it was earlier decided to replace the given subject with the Integrated History course in order not to allow history become a propaganda subject.

Asked to comment on the PCRM’s refusal to take part in the election of the head of state, Speaker Mihai Ghimpu said he was convinced that the head of state will be elected and that “Petrenko can say what he wants.”

“If Petrenko wants elections, he should bid farewell to the seat of MP. We are not joking. If they want early elections in times of crisis, we will organize them, but all the Moldovan citizens, no matter where they are, will take part in them. We’ll see what Petrenko says then. We will amend the Electoral Code and will allow every citizen to participate in the formation of the power,” Ghimpu said.

Asked why the members of the Alliance rejected the PCRM’s proposal to allow the press to attend the meetings of the Standing Bureau, Ghimou said that the given issue will be discussed at one of the next meetings.

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