Bulgaria- the only EU member state without strategy for cultural heritage: Atanas Semov

Bulgaria is the only EU member state without strategy for cultural heritage but in the same time is the country with the biggest cultural heritage, said MP from Order, Law and Justice Atanas Semov during a discussion on the amendments to the Cultural Heritage Act.

In his words collectors in Bulgaria are stronger than museums. The Bulgarian cultural heritage is about to become victim of an interests, the MP said.

“Who needs few amendments? What imposes these few and half-examined amendments, which stultifies the work of employees in the museums like the amendment to the official document?,” Semov asked.

According to him systematic state legislation in this filed in needed.

Cultural heritage is a strategic recourse for the country. Constitution of Bulgaria envisages in article 23 defense of cultural and historical heritage, the MP reminded. He added the Act defends export of cultural heritage.

According to him a whole strategy for cultural heritage is needed, and the Order, law and Justice is ready to propose such strategy.

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