UNDP Montenegro report “inaccurate”

The director of the regional office of the UN Development Program for Europe, Kori Udovički, says the organization regrets the report published on Montenegro.

In this internal UN report, Podgorica was referred to as “a provincial town” in which it was difficult for foreigners to live.

Udovički told a press conference that the United Nations was very pleased with its cooperation with Montenegro, as were UN officials living there.

She said that the report would not affect future cooperation between the UN and the Montenegrin government.

She added that the report, which criticized several aspects of life in Montenegro, did not even merit being called an incident.

Udovički said that Montenegro had received an “A” grade for quality of life in non-EU states, adding that Montenegro was a beautiful and safe country.

“I would not vacation here every year if it weren’t the case,” she stressed.

She presented the UNDP report in Podgorica on Wednesday, which stated that about 11 percent of Montenegrin citizens lived below the poverty line of one dollar per day.

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