No extradition for Pukanić case suspect

The Serbian Supreme Court (VSS) has rejected the Croatian Justice Ministry’s extradition request for Željko Milovanović, the court announced on Tuesday.

Milanović is suspected of killing weekIy Nacional owner Ivo Pukanić.

The VSS decided that the conditions for Milovanović’s extradition had not been met, given that he is a Serbian citizen who is already facing charges of criminal conspiracy and the murder of Pukanić before the Belgrade District Court.

The Supreme Court’s ruling upheld the decision of the Belgrade District Court which also rejected the Croatian Justice Ministry’s request to extradite Milovanović.

The suspect also holds citizenship of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he is wanted for other crimes.

He is currently under investigation by the Belgrade District Court’s special department for organized crime on suspicion of involvement in Pukanić’s murder.

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