RS political leaders to meet with Tadić

The leaders of seven parliamentary parties from the Republic of Srpska will be meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadić in Belgrade on Friday.

The RS politicians were invited to Belgrade ahead of the next meeting in Butmir between Bosnian politicians and American and EU officials. 

Beta states that the meeting’s goal will be to try and establish a common stand at these negotiations for the RS parties.

The source claims that the invitations to RS politicians came after American diplomat Stuart Jones and Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt visited Belgrade to discuss the Butmir talks with Serbian officials.

The RS leaders coming to Belgrade include SNSD leader and RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik, officials of the Party of Democratic Progress, Serbian Democratic Party leader Mladen Bosić, Democratic Party leader Dragan Čavić, the Democratic National Alliance’s Marko Pavić, RS Serb Radical Party chief Milanko MIhajlica and RS Socialist Party (SPRS) leader Petar Đokić.

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