Tradition continues as Georgians celebrate day of Tbilisi

Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is celebrating Tbilisoba – day of Tbilisi – on the weekend, an annual festival dating back to Oct. 28, 1979 when people started to celebrate the grape harvest.

After 30 years, Tbilisoba has developed into a typical “Autumn celebration” marked by friendly smiles, live music and the presentation of diverse agricultural products cross the city.

As one of its main characteristics, grape treading once again features largely in this year’s festival.

Special winepresses are installed and people are invited to tread on grapes to make juice. The Tbilisi Mayor’s Office has bought six tons of grapes from the Kakheti Region especially for the day.

Traditional fruit festival was opened in Shardeni Street. Restaurants in Shardeni and Bamba streets have prepared for the festival and both their interiors and exteriors are decorated with fruits. They will vote for one another to choose a winner, who will be awarded with a challenge knife.

Another event taking place in the Georgian capital is an auto show. The exhibition is arranged on the Rose Revolution Square. Old and new cars, including about 30 antique cars, are on exhibition.

Lots of cultural and sport events have also been planned. Exhibitions and concerts are staged in the open instead in halls or stadiums.

During Tbilisoba, residents from Tbilisi as well as other parts of the country will take part.

Tbilisoba is Georgia’s only festival inherited from the Soviet times. It was reintroduced in 1994 after a six-year respite following political unrest.

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