Moldova – AEI disagrees with the european left’s assessments

Moldova’s governing Alliance for European Integration has voiced its disagreement with how the European Left are perceiving the new situation developing in this republic.

Last week the European Left Party drew the attention of the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of Europe to “the irresponsible policies” being waged by the new ruling coalition in the Republic of Moldova. The Party sent a letter to the above-mentioned three esteemed organizations writing that the new Moldovan authorities are causing the European Left’s concern. The recent amendments to the Code of Television and Radio Broadcasting, full ignoring of the parliamentary opposition’s rights, serious changes taking place in the social security policy, lack of continuity in handling the Transnistria conflict – all this is leading to a dangerous destabilization in the Moldovan society, presumes the European Left Party, which the Moldovan Communist Party joined a couple of years ago.

MP Veaceslav Untila (MNA) stated to journalists on Tuesday that the united European Left appear to have an erroneous perception of events in Moldova.

“The European Left should study the genuine situation in Moldova instead of listening only to the unilateral information they receive from the Moldovan Communists. The governing coalition’s firm intention is to create a national television that would be a real, not just a de-jure public service broadcaster, a company that would reflect impartially various viewpoints, not solely the authorities’ opinion, as it used to be under the Communist rule [in 2001-2009]”, said Veaceslav Untila.

MP Oleg Serebrean, a Democrat, said the European Left is a secondary-importance party on the European political stage, an organization not deserving a particular attention. In his words, the situation in Moldova is really complicated, but not to an extent at which one could state that the opposition’s rights are infringed on.

MP Vitalie Nagacevschi of the Liberal Democratic Party expressed disappointment that the European Left are beginning to react to events in Moldova so late.

He said, “Where were the European Left during last 8 years of the Communist regime, when human rights and the opposition’s rights were violated so overtly?! These are just political declarations deserving no comment”.

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