Moldova – National minorities appeal to parliamentary parties

The Moldovan society is having a growing feeling of an approaching catastrophe that may break out in case of an early parliamentary election, says the Appeal of the heads of Moldova’s national minority communities and ethnic-cultural organizations to the Moldovan Parliament.

The minorities highlighted the availability of a multitude of prerequisites showing that parliamentary elections may well become a permanent phenomenon, but will not resolve the current discord existing between the power and the opposition.

“This will throw the country into an economic chaos and social degradation fraught with hardest political and economic shocks for the Moldovan state.

The national minorities’ leaders presume this extremely adverse situation can be overcome only if the parliamentarians achieve a reasonable compromise, and this is possible only through mutual concessions and a solution that would suit not only politicians but the entire society.

The Appeal was signed by: Nikolai Oleinik – Chair of the Ukrainian Community in Moldova; Mikhail Sidorov – Chairman of the Coordination Board of Russian Communities in Moldova; Nikolai Terzi – Chairman of the Gagauz community; Georgii Arikov – Chairman of the Bulgarian community; Alla Marin – Chairwoman of the Union of young Romanian market people “Tarna-Rommm”; Alexander Bilinkis – Co-Chairman of the Jewish community; Edward Jaroshevsky – Chairman of the Polish community; and Yury Statjevitch – Chairman of the Belarus community.

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