Moldova – Dorin Chirtoaca not MP anymore

After the Parliament declares a seat of MP vacant, the Central Election Commission (CEC) has ten days to examines the substitute candidate on the list. Within 30 day of the declaration of the seat vacant, the Constitutional Court confirms the next candidate proposed by the CEC. 

The sixteenth candidate on the Liberal Party’s list is the present Minister of Youth Ion Cebanu.

Liberal MP Gheorghe Brega has told Info-Prim Neo that most probably Dorin Chirtoaca will be replaced by the 17th candidate on the list, Valeriu Munteanu, as Ion Cebanu heads a new ministry and has a lot of work to do even if the law allows him to hold the two positions simultaneously during six months.

Vitalie Munteanu, 29, is the mayor of Floreni village of Anenii Noi district. He is a jurist by profession.

Dorin Chirtoaca tendered his resignation to the Parliament on September 11.

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