Clinton Honored a Kosovo Hero

rThousands of Kosovo Albanians welcomed Bill Clinton in Pristina on Sunday in a ceremony to inaugurate a statue of the former US President.

Clinton, who first addressed the Kosovo parliament, joined thousands of his fans in the “Bill Clinton” boulevard.

He told the crowd that President Obama and state secretary Clinton will continue to help Kosovo build its future. After unveiling of the statue, Clinton said: “I have to make a photo and send to my wife (Hillary Clinton) that this statue does exists and that I haven’t made it.”

Kosovo president Fatmir Sejdiu welcomed Clinton’s visit. “In the most difficult times for Kosovo and its people, in danger of extinction, you and the democratic and freedom-loving countries of the world, stopped the paramilitary, police and military machinery of Milosevic that was brutally deporting people from our country and houses and wanted to kill them,” said Sejdiu.

His comments were echoed by Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, who said: “The statue that we are unveiling today is a symbol of freedom, respect and honor for you, for United States of America and the democratic world.”

Pristina University honoured Clinton in 2003. .

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