Serbian President: We will arrest Ratko Mladic when we find him

Serbian President Boris Tadic is sure that the decision of the International Court of Justice about the legitimacy of Kosovo’s independence will be in Serbia’s favor.

“I am convinced that the judgment of the International Court in Hague will be in Serbia’s favor as this is a case of violation of the international law. If the international law is broken, there will be crisis in many places in the world”, Tadic said.

Speaking about Ratko Mladic, the Serbian head of state remarked that this is an obligation of the Serbian state and democracy and despite the requirement of the European Union, Belgrade authorities will arrest Mladic. In his words, the arrest of Mladic is a condition for setting peace among the citizens of the countries of former Yugoslavia.

“It is unproductive to set deadlines for the arrest of Mladic. The more he hides, the bigger the risk for the interests of Serbia and the Serbian nation. The situation around Ratko Mladic blocks the entire political process and the process of European integration, which is of key importance for Serbian citizens. We do our best to arrest Mladic and he will be arrested the moment we find him”, Tadic said.

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