Belgrade prepares to set up NATO mission

The foreign affairs and defense ministries are wrapping up preparations for opening the Serbian mission at NATO HQ.

According to the Belgrade newspaper, the government recently named Branislav Milinković as Serbia’s ambassador to the western military alliance, and he will most likely submit his credentials by the end of the year.

The question of finding a location for the Serbian mission in Brussels is expected to be taken care of soon, as well as all other personnel related issues.

The daily writes that the Serbian ambassador to NATO will not be alone at the mission, as a military representative “will be dispatched as well”.

Defense Ministry State Secretary Dušan Spasojević said that by the end of this week, once the changes and amendments to the Law on Defense and Army take effect, there will be a procedure started up officially for selecting the military staff to be sent to Brussels.

“It is certain that our military official will be a general, who will be appointed by President Boris Tadić according to a recommendation by the Defense Ministry. In addition, there will be eight more officers in the mission, six from the military’s jurisdiction and two experts in the field of defense policies,” Spasojević said.

He explained that the point of the mission will be to improve cooperation and everyday communication with NATO, participate in the work of 100 expert committees, and improve what the daily refers to as cooperation with “50 member-states” of the “political” alliance.

All missions of countries that are participating in the Partnership for Peace program are also located in the NATO headquarters, in the offices designated for partners.

The enormous NATO complex is located on the outskirts of Brussels. This is where the Serbian mission is currently looking to find a location for its mission.

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