Moldova – Electoral commission sets deadline for presidency seekers

Applications for registration as candidates for the presidency of Moldova shall be accepted until 2400 on November 6, i.e. until the Friday/Saturday midnight, the parliamentary ad hoc electoral commission has ruled today, following the Parliament’s decision to appoint the presidential election for upcoming November 10.

On November 4 and 5, applicants are welcome at the commission at 0800 through 1700, and on November 6 – at 1800 through 2400. The commission has left in force its previous decision to register Democratic Party Chairman Marian Lupu as presidential candidate from the majority Alliance for European Integration. So far, he was and continues to be the only seeker for the supreme post.

The now opposition Communist Party keeps in repeating its unwillingness to have even a finger in the election, so the MCP is not going to nominate its candidate. According to the latest amendments to the electoral legislation approved by the majority AEI last week, an election with only one candidate is now permissible.

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