Vienna meeting participants to focus on social projects for Transnistria – OSIPOV

The chief objective of Transnistrian negotiation resumption is to launch social projects for the Transnistrian population, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Issues Victor Osipov told a news conference today.

He presumes the main task the new Moldovan authorities must carry out is to start resolving – to a maximum-possible extent – the numerous problems Transnistria residents are facing.

“The Vienna meeting will focus on the development of the sides’ social cooperation in the spheres of infrastructure development, environment protection, public health, commerce, and other. For instance, eight Transnistrian transport corporations suffer problems at crossing the Ukrainian border. So, it is necessary to wage a policy that would help Transnistrian economic operators”. Osipov said.

The Deputy Premier said it is necessary to resume political talks on a special legal status for the Transnistrian region, for which the sides should offer their ideas.

Osipov also said the Moldovan side is considering Tiraspol’s recent proposal, which was backed by Moscow, on organizing regular meetings between the representatives of Chisinau and Tiraspol – i.e. meetings in a format of 1+1.

He also said that a consultative meeting will be organized soon with foreign diplomatic missions working in Chisinau in order to work out a general policy in relations with the left Dniester bank – Transnistria. He thus spoke out a wish to prevent the repetition of an incident with the Russian federation, when Russia opened its consular office in Tiraspol without Chisinau’s permission.

The Vienna meeting in the full format of 5+2 [Moldova and Transnistria as the conflicting sides, Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE as international mediators; and the European Union and United States as observers] has been scheduled for November 6. Assemblies in this format have not taken place since January 2006.

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